contact lens solutions

Can’t find the appeal of eyeglasses? Why not wear contact lenses instead? Our eye specialists can prescribe the right pair for the condition of your eyes. All you need is to book an appointment to undergo an eye assessment for contact lenses with our optometrist.

Contact lenses are safe to use, but these could carry infections if you don’t clean and store them properly. Make sure to:

  • Clean the contact lenses carefully every day.
  • Keep the contact lenses in an appropriate storage and replace every three months.
  • Use lens solutions recommend by eye specialists to clean the contact lenses.


At Botany Junction Optometrist, we keep different brands of contact lenses available in Auckland in our stock. Let our optometrists help find the most suitable pair for your eyes.
Is this your first time wearing contact lenses? No worries! Our eye specialists can answer your questions regarding its use, storage, and cleaning.